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Wat Tham Sua


“Tiger Cave Temple”.  I didn’t see any tigers except for this guy and I didn’t see any caves either.  Wat Tham Sua is so far the favorite temple I have seen in Thailand.  To get to the temple requires a hike up 1200+ steps and is quite a workout especially in the hot humid weather.  The views at the top are spectacular.  Watch out for the monkeys on the way up.  They are rather aggressive and like crack heads are attracted to anything shiny.  But stay calm and they will mostly leave you alone.

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Some Pictures

At Wat Kittisangkaram.  I learned that there is a different Buddha for every day of the week.  This is Tuesday Buddha.  He is my favorite.




Now at the Big Buddha in Phuket.  It’s really big.  To get an idea of the scale, look at some of the workers on the left side of the picture.


At Phromthep Cape




Before I get down to the daily grind of learning Thai and climbing rocks in Ao Nang, I decided to spend a few nights in Phuket.  The first time I stayed in Phuket about 2 years ago I stayed in Patong Beach.  It was quite an experience with the culture shock and over the top night life.  This time I wanted something a little quieter so I’m staying near Kata beach.  Apparently it is very popular with the Russian tourists because many restaurants have English and Russian menus.  I was told to avoid the Russians b I haven’t been staying out late and going to the bars so I have not had to put up with drunk obnoxious people.  During the daytime the seem harmless.

Also, Eastern Europeans apparently can not eat spicy food.  In Kata Beach, you have to ask for the food to be made spicy.  Everywhere else the food defaults to spicy.  So even though the Thai food is not very spicy in Kata, it’s a nice place.

I did get out of town a little bit.  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  1. Visited Wat Kittisangkaram
  2. Rented a scooter and drove around
  3. Saw the Phuket Big Buddha
  4. Drove said scooter to Phromthep Cape
  5. Got a massage for 300 BHT which is 9.14 USD.  Not super cheap compared to other parts of Thailand but basically free when compared to the prices back home.

I’ll post some pictures later but I’m still not over the jet lag so am going to sleep now.  In the morning I’m headed to Ao Nang.