Hi!  I started this so friends and family could see what I’m up to while I’m in Thailand and have this also be a journal of sorts so I can look back on this experience.  If you don’t know me but happen to be reading this, hopefully you find some of the stuff interesting / useful.  This is something I had been thinking about doing for a couple years but in the fall of 2014 I decided to stop thinking about it and make it happen.  So I started tidying up my life in Seattle as best I could, quit my job, gave away many of my belongings, put the rest in storage, found renters for my house, and bought a one way ticket to Thailand.

I decided to do this for various reasons.  But mainly I think I was getting a little bored with my life in Seattle, wanted to simplify things, and go on an adventure before I got too old to really enjoy it.  I’ve been in Thailand since November 2014 and so far am enjoying my time here.  My hope is that I can improve myself mentally and physically by learning the Thai language, practicing yoga, rock climbing, learning a little bit about Thai culture, and of course eating lots of Thai food.

If you’d like to contact me, you can send email to kris at ayearinsiam.com

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